If you've got an old cell phone lying around in a drawer doing nothing for you, send it in to Sphere and you'll get cash for it.


Find your device and enter in some simple information to get a quote for your device. Follow the steps to fill out the form to get your free shipping kit sent to you.

Multiple phones to send in? You'll follow the process for each phone. If you have any other cell phones that you would like to recycle which aren't on the website, you may send up to 5 of those.


Your shipping kit will contain a padded envelope, along with a bubble pouch for your device, and a prepaid Canada Post shipping label. Securely package your item and simply drop off the package at any Canada Post location.

We usually receive shipments within 7 days of them being dropped off for shipment.


This is the best part! Once we receive and inspect your phone, we'll send you a payment through the method you selected. This usually happens within 7 days of us receiving your device. It will be completely wiped so there is no previous data left on it. Then, your phone will be reconditioned or recycled appropriately.